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Meet Kathy Russell






Health Coach

Growing Up

Hi!  I'm Kathy Russell, a wife, mom, daughter, sister, volunteer, friend, health coach, and business owner.  I enjoy all my roles, but those that I cherish are wife, mom, and daughter.

My family moved to southeast Michigan when I was 4 and we've been here ever since.  My younger brother never lets me forget that I'm the older one of us two.  My parents have been married 61 years and have taught me the values of commitment and loyalty. 

My mom was ahead of her time in that she went to college at a time when most women got married and raised a family.  Her independent spirit has been an inspiration to me.  My mom worked outside of the home but always made sure that she was at every sporting event, band concert, roller skating trip, or whatever activity my brother and I were involved in.  


Spare Time?

In my spare time I love to read a good love story or mystery.  Make it a love story with a mystery and it will be hard to get my attention for anything else!  During the cold Michigan winters I enjoy crocheting scarves, afghans, and blankets.  I totally enjoy travelling and my dream vacation is spending time relaxing on a beach.  Music!  I love music and Tom and I will go to as many concerts as possible.  We enjoy many different types of music and you never know who we will be going to hear.

Tom and I are also active volunteers.  We spend some of our Saturdays volunteering at a local food bank, where we take food to a senior citizen center for distribution.  The people are always so grateful, but I think we get so much more from them, than what we give them.  We are also active volunteers for our local high school music program.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I was in that same high school marching band and I still cherish those times.  Helping to raise funds for the kids who need a little help to participate in the music program is one way I can give back.

My Loves

These two are my loves!  On the left is my husband of 33 years, Tom.  I fell in love him almost from the first time I met him.  That one on the right?  That's my son Michael.  He came into our lives 22 years ago and made us the happiest parents in the world!  OK, I can't really know that, but it sure felt like it. 


From about the time that I was six years old I had wanted to be pregnant.  I always thought that pregnant women were beautiful.  But pregnancy has not been part of our story.  Tom and I went through years of treatment for infertility, but no success.  So after much prayer and soul searching, we decided to try adoption.  Nine months later, we had Michael.  He is our joy, our love, and the brightest light in our lives.


Nutrition & Business

You know I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  I am passionate about helping people optimize their brain health.  I want to work with people that want to save their memories.


What I never, in a million years thought I would be involved with is a business that includes sales.  But here I am.  And I love it.  But I wouldn't love just any type of sales.  I believe very strongly that doTERRA's essential oils are powerful.  They have properties that support so many bodily functions.  There are people out there that will say "there is no evidence" but I will say, there is 6000 years of evidence that pure essential oils work.  My experience with them has been significant.  

I want to share those significant experiences with you!  I believe that life is about taking the opportunities that we are given and running with them!  This is your opportunity and I want to help you take full advantage of it!  Living an empowered life means living an unlimited life full of achievement, possibilities, and happiness.  If you want to change your health, finances, and future, let's talk about working together to do that!  Simply fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you to make a plan.

Are You Ready to Change Your Destiny?

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If you’re ready to shine, you want to build YOUR own doTERRA business, and you want to surround yourself with an incredible community, then this opportunity might just be for you.

If you are ready to partner with me and build YOUR own doTERRA business, complete the form below.  I will contact you within 2 days to start your journey to time and financial freedom!

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