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  Brain Food  

  We teach you brain healthy lifestyle changes that you can make today, whether you
are 18 or 88!  

What is Brain Health?

Our brains play such a fundamental role in our being. They're responsible for our mood, our memory, our ability to think, and strategize, imagine, and even communicate with others. And the list goes on. So it's easy to understand

why having a brain that is healthy and working optimally is so important to living a life that is meaningful and enjoyable.

~ David Perlmutter, MD

I Don't Want to End Up Like My Mom!

This was what my husband said one day when we were out walking our dog.

You see, his mom Gina had recently died from end-stage Alzheimer's disease.  Gina was a vibrant, loving, Italian grandma.   Over about an 8 year period she went from the cooking, gardening, laughing grandma that we all knew and loved, to a shell who had no clue who any of us were or even that we were present. 

I have spent 30 years counseling patients with mental illness on how to best meet their nutrition needs. On this walk and after this statement it hit me.  I have a ton of knowledge and information about nutrition and its positive effect on brain health.  I really wanted to start my own nutrition practice where I can help people keep their memories, and improve their brain health. 

Everybody is at risk for Alzheimer's disease. If you make it to the age of 85 today, you have a 50% chance of  being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. So if you want to know whether or not one day you will become demented, it's a coin toss. And to me, that's tragic and also infuriating because when you look at what's on the line, it's really our cognitive capital. It's who we are.

How We Help


Make Lifestyle Changes


Heal Your Body


Heal Your Brain


Save Your Memories

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